Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pure Gesture of Love

written: 1/1/09

Often times, our children ponder out loud and ask the most revealing questions. Example: If you could touch God, would your arms be wide enough to hug Him?

Goodness, with all these years studying the Bible and holding to the promise of God's word, it would be at that moment that I'd have to share His endowment with a beautifully inquisitive 4year old. It's as though God gives us these sporadic pop quizzes garnered through our humble children to help us reaffirm of our faith. Parenthood has its perks.
The right answer, seemingly, is what He gives when your mind's in perfect peace. Imagine missing the blessing in that moment by focusing on the strife and uncertainty of the day. And without notice, we could disregard the purity in the desire to embrace God.

It's been a blessing and growing experience to acknowledge needing God as a daily requirement to constantly help keep peace of mind.
Has there been a pure gesture of love you've missed this year? Let's remember to keep our minds in perfect peace as we enter this coming year. We're going to need it!

Love, Love & ENDURE
Ms. M

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