Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy's Memory Lane with Luther

There's Nothing Better Than Love
More than Easy Listening

written: 12/10/08

Though both Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines are gone. They aren't forgotten. Gently, they croon love into my heart everytime I'm privileged to hear this specific song, There's Nothing Better than Love.
"Listen to love and always give love to me the way you want to be loved"...there's nothing better than love. What in the world could you ever be thinkin' of?"
Almost twenty years ago these lyrics did not reflect the attention they do today, for me. Now, as a well seasoned woman in this world, with clearer decisive thinking, listening to love has been one of the major surviving mechanisms in my life. However, rationale was sometimes more complicated in those previous chapters of life. It was so easy to say no when I meant to say yes and vise versa. All of that emotional arobics left no room to listen to love.
Ultimately, time ticks enough to remind every aspect of the body and mind of its affects on humanity. Maturity and healing have been 2 welcomed affects. They revealed my need to wake up and put a hault on relatioship woes. Eagerly, one mid Summer morning after a crazy breakup with a guy whose name I can't pronounce well this very day, I'd stop turning a deaf ear to love.
I remember listening to what I wanted to hear and not tuning into who needed to hear me. "Wasted time", as my mother would say. Friendships began to take on a whole new meaning. No longer were people itemized for frivolous reasons. Those youthful battle scars help today, as they give direction in motherhood. They allow me a sense of humility. This memory lane visit is one of my greatest ah haa moments.
The decsion to listen has been a gift from God.

Pray, hope & ENDURE
Ms. M

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